About Adrian Rubin

Adrian RubinDr. Adrian Rubin is a climatologist, based out of Philadelphia, with 30 years of experience studying the weather. When she was just a small girl, she had a fascination with clouds. She recalls looking up into the sky and observing the uniqueness of each billowy formation. To her they seemed magical then, but not anymore. Today Adrian understands the science behind the remarkable beauty and sometimes frightening appearance of those cotton like configurations floating in the atmosphere.


During her high school years, Adrian Rubin excelled in science. Many of her teachers encouraged her to consider a career in medicine, but she knew that her fascination had always been the atmosphere and all things related to it. If anything she thought the Earth was in need of a doctor, and she was happy to fulfill that need. Climatology would be her calling.


Ms. Rubin completed a 4-year degree in meteorological science with a concentration in climatology at Princeton University. Princeton’s school of geosciences has been recognized internationally for its work on global warming. While studying at Princeton, she became acutely aware of the threat which the phenomenon is now posing to the Earth’s ecosystem.


Internships with various weather and climatology associations allowed Ms. Rubin to gain valuable practical experience. That experience breathed life into much of the theory she had learned about while at Princeton. It also gave her greater focus before going on to pursue a graduate degree in climate studies.

Adrian Rubin

Dr. Adrian Rubin during a climate exploration in the Andes Mountains.

Ms. Rubin was accepted into the doctoral program in climatology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Adrian Rubin put a lot of thought into her thesis. She considered researching the effects of climate change on the rainforest, or the thinning ozone layer. Ultimately she chose to expand upon the holistic aspects of climate change.


Much of her work involves creating advanced computer models of the region’s weather. One of the aspects of her job which she most enjoys is hosting school field trips. School children from grade school to high school are encouraged to participate in open house trips to the NWS’s Upton facility. During these outings, the youngsters get introduced to the world of climatology. Dr. Rubin feels that this sort of outreach is critical at this time because it is their generation that will likely be challenged most by climate change. She comes to this well-informed conclusion as a result of her research and training.


Dr. Rubin also dedicates a considerable portion of time to volunteer efforts. She intends to spotlight climate change awareness among members of the public. Adrian Rubin is an active member of the Association of Nation Weather Professionals and Climatologists. Dr. Rubin is also a blogger.